Relief is just a breath away.

QueaseEase has been formulated to calm queasiness simply by inhaling the scent. The molecules from the oils travel the olfactory track to the central nervous system where they break the queasiness cycle. Inhalation is well tolerated in all ages, and can be repeated as often as necessary.

During Pregnancy

QueaseEASE has been used successfully by many mums-to-be to help soothe queasiness. The aromatic blend of essential oils is inhaled only and well tolerated at any age. Keep it with you all day and use it as soon as those uncomfortable feelings occur.

Travel Sickness

QueaseEASE is a great product for adults and children afflicted with queasiness. It is useful to take when traveling in a car, boat, train, or airplane. It is well tolerated in all ages and suitable for the whole family, meaning everyone can enjoy their holiday.


QueaseEASE is an all-natural product to soothe queasiness and is well tolerated in all ages. It is useful for people to take when boating. In a study conducted on the Pacific Whale Foundation boats in Maui, Hawaii, more than 83% of the users felt QueaseEASE immediately helped with queasiness.


QueaseEASE was originally created for use in the medical environment. It is a drug-free, all-natural product formulated to help calm queasiness. It can be used by people after surgery and anaesthesia. Today QueaseEASE can be found in medical facilities in the USA, Australia and Europe.