QueaseEASE QueaseEASE QueaseEASE QueaseEASE

100% Pure and Natural – Essential Oil Therapy

QueaseEASE for an instant feeling of comfort.

QueaseEASE is a drug-free, all natural product consisting of a unique blend of pure essential oils. It was formulated to help calm queasiness and it is suitable for use by pregnant woman, people on the water, by travellers, after surgery or anaesthesia and during chemotherapy.

Simply take a few deep breaths of the aroma to help settle a queasy stomach.


  • This product helped me with my sea sickness and a friend of mine borrowed it to combat her morning sickness (she said it worked great!). It is wonderful. Unlike other sea sickness meds I didn't feel groggy while using this and it really helped. Previously I had gotten sea sick in one foot seas in a kayak so I am really sensitive, but I used this out on a sail boat and felt great the whole time!

    Johanna J. Full

  • A great product, may you go from strengh to strengh x

    Jeanette Moser

  • Great for chemo sickness. My wife got in recovery from a double mastectomy and it worked great. Ill try it for seasickness.

    J. Koropsak

  • According to my expectant friends, this is the best thing EVER!! And my daughter who introduced me to it said it not only works for morning sickness, it relieves the nausea of migraines and flu as well. Since it's a 'sniffer stick' there's no worry about drug interactions or nutritional sensitivities, either.

    Everybody I've ordered them for keeps thanking me! Next time, I'm getting one for myself, too!

    P. Maurer

  • The quease ease has really helped on my severe motion sickness and I like the fact that it does not have side effects like many other motion sickness products!

    D Messler